Frequently asked questions

Q: Are all your phones new and original?

A: All our phones, each one of them, which are found on Arynance Mobile page are new and original

Q: How can I buy a phone at Arynance Mobile?

A: You should start by searching for your phone model(s) on the website. This can be achieved through using the ‘search tab’ on the top right of the website or by perusing the various product pages on the website. Thereafter, you can add the product chosen to ‘cart’ and proceed to make payment through the various options available.

Alternatively, you can pay directly to Mpesa Till Number and confirm the product chosen through our office telephone numbers.

Q: Is it possible for me to cancel my order and what would be the procedure of doing it?

  1. Before customer pays for a phone, an order can be canceled in any moment.
  2. If the payment transaction is finished, customer can still cancel the order by simply sending us an E-mail with all details of purchased model, explanation why he/she wants to cancel the purchase and their contact information.
  3. Also, an order can be canceled without any additional charges while the order is still in the possession of Arynance Mobile and until the order or request for its delivery is not handed over to a courier service.
  4. If the order or request for its delivery has already been sent to the courier service, a customer can still cancel the order, but in this case the customer will be charged for all delivery costs and will also be obligated to send the order and all its accessories that he received within the order undamaged, back to Arynance Mobile at their own expense. After Arynance Mobile receives the order back and its undamaged condition is recorded, customer will get money refund in time period defined in Terms and Conditions (Refer to Return Policy).

Q: Can I order and buy a phone from your website from any country?

A: No, Arynance Mobile can only accept and ship orders within the country of Kenya.

Q: Are there any additional costs other than those that I see when confirming the order?

A: There are no additional costs – in the cost of your order are automatically calculated with all expenses and they are also clearly stated on your screen so you can see them when placing and confirming the order.

Q: How do the warranties work?

A: Please refer to the warranty document within the packaging of the product. The phones can be repaired and replaced from authorized service centers by the manufacturers e.g. Carlcare.

Q: Can I expect to get the User manual together with the phone?

A: Most of the time, the manufacturer offers with the phone, a User manual written with a language where the phone was manufactured. If you need User manual in English, you can search and download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Can I buy a phone from Arynance Mobile together with some operator contract?

A: Arynance Mobile does not offer options to buy a cell phone from Arynance Mobile website together with contract from an operator company. Arynance Mobile is an independent company that sells products for open market only.

Q: Can I buy a phone in installments?

A: Arynance Mobile neither has an option for paying in installments nor is it giving any kind of loans to its clients.

Q: Why on Arynance Mobile website do you have the same model with different prices?

A: This might be due to difference in various product attributes like colour and product specification of the same model.

Q: Can you deliver to small towns and villages?

A: Yes, We can deliver to the nearest designated courier offices.

Q: Can I personally come and take my order?

A: No, but we can meet at a convenient mutual place for collection.

Q: How can I return my phone, what is the procedure and what is the time period that I can expect my money to be refunded?

A: Please refer to our delivery and return policy.

Q: Package was delivered to me damaged, how can I refund my loss?

A: Please refer to our delivery and return policy.